Saving Money When Going Back To School

August 24, 2008 · Posted in Money, Students 

There are definitely some costs involved in going back to school. Whether you are a college student, a parent of one child, or a parent of six children, you all have to face the costs, and effort of going back to school. There are school supplies that need to be purchased. School clothes are usually on the list regardless of your age. If you are attending college, be prepared to shell out big bucks for school books. If you are a mother of teenagers, be ready for all the latest in fashion, from manicures, hair cuts, hottest and usually expensive hair care products, and only the coolest accessories. While some of these costs are completely avoidable, others are not. The ones that are, like hot haircuts and cool accessories, don’t have to be as expensive as they usually are.

First of all if you are a college student, forget tuition! The price of books, alone, is enough to make you choke! Here is some great advice. Once you get registered for your classes, take your schedule to the bookstore at your campus. The bookstore can provide you with a list of all the required, as well as suggested books, available for your course. If the list doesn’t come with the book number, you can ask for that as well. With this information, you are able to go home and visit online sites that offer school books from other users at discounted prices.

When it comes to paying for school supplies, be ready to load your shopping cart down. But here is a tip. After you get your list, before going to the store, pull out all of your arts and crafts at home, along with your child’s school supplies from the previous year. You would be surprised with how little you will have to buy after you gather what you already have. What you do have to buy, make a visit the dollar store first. Then, try some of the larger stores.

All kids are going to want to look cool for school. First of all, take advantage of tax free weekends for both supplies and clothing. After that, make a day of “primping” for school. Take your kids to the salon for new hair cuts. Don’t go to the high end salons. Just a regular shampoo and cut is fine. While there, mention to the stylist that you are going to let the children color their hair, and ask for recommendations. Most stylists don’t mind suggesting store bought products. Be careful, and only do this if you’re comfortable with it. Also, run by the store and let your girls get manicures together. Make a party of it to include hair, nails, and face masks. It saves tons on going to get everything done by a professional, and can really help your kids and you bond before school starts.


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