Entertainment to Fit Your Budget

February 19, 2009 · Posted in Personal Finance 

Entertainment is most likely not at the top of your priority list when you are low on funds. It can be very depressing when you work so hard for your money, and yet, you never get to really enjoy any of it. Take heart, though, because there are a few things in the way of having fun that can be made to fit into your budget.

Nearly everyone enjoys a good movie. That is evident by the number of people who continue flocking to the theaters when a new movie is released. It is also a well known fact that going to a movie these days can cost nearly as much as a dinner in a 4 start restaurant. It may cheer you up a bit to know that there are cheaper alternatives.

One such alternative is the introduction of renting movie DVDs online in recent years. Both Netflix and Blockbuster have membership programs that you can join online. For a reasonable and affordable monthly fee, you can choose movies from the comfort of your home and they will be mailed right to your door. There is no time limit on how long you can keep the movies, so there is no late fee ever. Using either of these services makes it possible to have affordable entertainment that you can actually budget each month.

There is another version of this type of online service. It works the same way but you are borrowing, or renting, video games instead of DVD movies. The same rules apply. You pay a monthly fee for the plan of your choice, and begin choosing the games you want to play.

If you are an avid reader with a less than exciting local library, there are some online book sites you may be interested in joining. Booksfree offers a variety of plans for which you pay a monthly fee. Each plan gives you different amounts of books you can have borrowed at once. These are all paperback books, and there is an amazing selection to choose from. They also offer audio books to borrow.

Paperbackswap is another book site. With this one, you do have to register but there is no monthly fee. You are simply required to list some books you own but are ready to part with. When someone chooses a book from your list, you are responsible for mailing it to that member. When the member receives the book, you get a credit for a free book of your own. It’s a wonderful little system that offers many hours of happy reading for the price of mailing a book once in awhile.

You should be feeling a little better now that you know what’s available for people on a budget. Just because you aren’t rich doesn’t mean that you can’t have some pleasure and entertainment in your life.


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