Bull and Bear Markets Definition

June 4, 2008 · Posted in Stock Market · Comments Off 

If you have been investing for some time now or have taken a special interest in the stock market, you might have heard the expressions Bull and Bear markets mentioned a small number of times. In a roundabout way, these terms are used to describe general actions and attitudes of the stock market. They are […]

What are Penny Stocks

June 3, 2008 · Posted in Stock Market · Comments Off 

Penny stock is a low-priced stock, normally valued bellow $5, that is mostly traded over the counter through special quotation services. Information of penny stocks is often hard to draw together and can also be easily manipulated, reason explaining why many investors often stay away from these assets. Advantages of investing in penny stocks Penny […]

Stock market for beginners

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Stock market investing can be somewhat overwhelming for inexperienced beginners especially for those that hold little or no prior knowledge on the topic. Leaning the tricks of the trade is the only genuine way to invest with confidence seeing as there are many variables that could decisively affect the value of each stock. This easy […]