United States Bank Failures: Is My Money Safe?

September 29, 2008 · Posted in Banks, Money · Comments Off 

With the economic crisis the United States is experiencing right now, and the growing number of bank failures and seizures because of it, you are likely concerned about your money – and rightly so. The average consumer, however, does not need to worry yet about losing what’s in their checking account. Shareholders and bondholders may […]

Understanding a Money Market Account

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Money market accounts and money market funds are not the same thing. To understand the difference between both of them, it is best to start at understanding “money market”. Money Market is basically a generic term used to describe the market that banks and other financial establishments lend, borrow and trade money, Certificates of Deposit […]

Get Some Cash with a Garage Sale

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Want some extra cash for that boat that you’ve been driving past every time you go into town? Maybe you have your heart set on a band that is going to be doing a concert in your neighboring larger city. What is a fast easy way to get the cash you need to do the […]

Understanding Different Types of Savings Accounts

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Not all savings accounts serve the same purpose. In that same token, not all savings accounts are setup to cost the same to the account holder. Banks have come a long way, and have developed several types of accounts for their customers. Before you decide what account is best for you, you will want to […]

Saving Money When Going Back To School

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There are definitely some costs involved in going back to school. Whether you are a college student, a parent of one child, or a parent of six children, you all have to face the costs, and effort of going back to school. There are school supplies that need to be purchased. School clothes are usually […]

Get Your Car Sold Fast?

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Too many people decide to sell their vehicles, and not do it the right way. Many things can go wrong when you decide to sell your car. You can list it in the wrong places, not prep it to be sold, or even not have a clue as to how much you should ask. Car […]

Overdraft Protection: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

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“Overdraft protection” is a seemingly benign feature your bank likely provides to you with your checking account. With overdraft protection, if you spend more money than your checking account has funds to cover, the bank will allow the purchase and your account balance then goes into the hole. Consequently, your rent check might not bounce […]

Heating Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

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With fuel costs across the country skyrocketing, many of us are feeling the heat, as it were, when looking ahead to the coming winter. Natural gas prices have gone up steadily over the past few years, and in many areas, the jump this year has been even more drastic. This leaves the majority of us […]

Holiday Spending

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Many people dread the holidays simply because of the gifts that are expected to be purchased, along with parties to give and/or attend, and decorations for the house. It has become necessary to save all year for just one day. You probably find it hard to look at your child’s face and say, “I’m sorry, […]

Money Market Funds 101

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Money market funds are a very popular choice for investors across the country. These funds have been around for over 30 years, and offer benefits and advantages that standard accounts like savings, checking or certificates of deposit are unable to offer. Money market funds are a kind of mutual fund for investing in short term […]