Get Your Car Sold Fast?

August 22, 2008 · Posted in Money 

Too many people decide to sell their vehicles, and not do it the right way. Many things can go wrong when you decide to sell your car. You can list it in the wrong places, not prep it to be sold, or even not have a clue as to how much you should ask. Car buying is very completive, and you are not just competing against other individual sellers, but also hundreds of car lots that have professional sales people to sell the car. To top things off, with the boom of the internet, car buyers are now buying most of their cars online. If they do not purchase the car online, the interest is usually originates online. Read on for some car selling tips that will keep you on top of the game, and get your car sold quickly and easily.

First, and MOST important, don’t plan to sell a messy car. It just isn’t in your best interest. Clean it out. Take a trash bag and get rid of all the things that you don’t need to have in the car. Then place the things that you do need in the car, in an uncluttered, organized way. Dust, wipe, and vacuum the entire thing. Take it to a car wash. If you want to make sure the car looks its best, you can also invest in a detail shop. They do an amazing job that is sometime hard to beat.

When you car is ready for presentation, it’s time to let the world know it is out on the market. You need to advertise this is many ways. The first, and easiest, is the location of the car itself. If you are driving it on a daily basis, that is great, but do make sure you have for sale signs on all four sides of the car. Make sure the signs list all the features of the car (nice and neatly), and also list two good phone numbers, not just one. Make sure that you have researched your price, and it is priced competitively for its condition.

If you plan to park your car to be sold, chose a very busy highway. Ask yourself if there is anywhere you can park it that it might be seen more. If not, then you chose the perfect location.

Now, advertise in the paper. Make sure you get the car in the newspaper as well as the local shopping papers. Be descriptive of the car, and when you are done, ask yourself if you would be intrigued enough to call about it. Again, list two phone numbers.


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