Get Some Cash with a Garage Sale

August 25, 2008 · Posted in Money 

Want some extra cash for that boat that you’ve been driving past every time you go into town? Maybe you have your heart set on a band that is going to be doing a concert in your neighboring larger city. What is a fast easy way to get the cash you need to do the things you want? A garage sale! What better way to make some quick money than to have a garage sale. After all, it also cleans out all those things that you don’t use any longer. Garage sales, regardless of your location, have a strong following. People will plan out a full weekend of garage selling. So, know that, if done correctly, you will have customers. A garage sale is also a lot of fun and can bring family and friends together.

Decide where you are going to have the sale. You want a location that is easily accessed. There is nothing worse to a garage sale customer than searching in and out for your location, and then finding that there isn’t anything they are interested in. Stay close to main roads, and make sure that it is a location that allows for easy directions on paper and on the phone.
Now, decide on the items that you are going to be offering in the sale. Go through all of your clothing that you no longer wear, shoes and accessories, furniture, the garage, attic, backyard, and even your office at work. Another great suggestion is to call up other family members and friends to see if they would like to get rid of some things, or if, perhaps, they would like to take part in the garage sale.

Make sure you do plenty of advertising. Take out an ad in the local papers. This should be the news paper as well as shopping papers that allow personal ads. Most of the papers will have a section dedicated to garage sales. Also, search online for sites that allow you to list garage sales. As the market for garage sells continues, it is managing to find its way to the online community.

Lastly, be prepared to have change as most people will be handing you ten and twenty dollar bills. Be prepared for this. Have your space laid out to both look pleasing and full from the road as well as to have a nice easy flow for those walking around the sale.


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