Common Investing Mistakes To Avoid

June 4, 2008 · Posted in Investing 

Are you losing money on your stock investments? Your negative results could be blamed on some awfully common investment mistakes that although very easy to remedy, still manage to swindle a good number of inexperienced investors. Bellow you will find a list of the most common investments mistakes that should be avoided at all costs.

Know your investments

Stocks are like a box of chocolates, the more you know about them the smaller the chance of landing an unpleasant surprise. Do your homework, discover all the interesting little details about that particular company and think clearly whether it represents a solid investment. Also, remember to take a look at its history by analyzing past performance.

Define a clear investment strategy

Before starting an investment career there is one important step you have to conclude in order to insure all future stock market endeavors don’t turn out to be a big bust. Elaborate a complete, well defined, easy to follow and utterly, realistic investment strategy that can be followed throughout a reasonable amount of time.

Buy on tips from friends

There are some common investing mistakes that should be avoided at all costs. Buying stock or investing money on tips from friends is like learning to drive from a monkey. You might not believe this, but many investors support without a shadow of a doubt that when the word of a possible lucrative investment hits the street, that’s a clear sign not to invest.

It takes time to make money

Investors love making money and some even try to take shortcuts only to end up right where they started. To the list we could also add frequent trading. It might come as a shocker to some since trading frequently sounds like the most correct thing to do. All worthwhile investments take time to mature and none can be hurried to produce desirable results.

Changing direction too often

This golden rule might seem similar to the one mentioned above but rest assure this is definitely not the case. Some investors become bored with their portfolios and start changing directions after the first signs of market uncertainty. These changes or adjustments can be all that is needed to insure you miss the money train and are left weeping with disappointment. Investing is a long term occupation that requires time before the rewards can be reaped so always hold on for long periods of time.


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