What are Leverage Strategies?

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Leverage normally designates a strategy in which borrowed capital, or any other debt, is invested with the expectation of hopefully yielding a higher return to equity. In essence, leverage strategies potentially offer a superior return prospective or hedging opportunities, although these strategies are mainly intended for investors with high risk tolerances. To acquire financial leverage, […]

Certificates of Deposit 101

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A certificate of deposit is one way of investing your money. When you put money into a certificate of deposit, it keeps that money at a set or fixed interest rate for a certain time period, depending on what type of CD you get. The fixed interest rate means it will not adjust for inflation, […]

Common Investing Mistakes To Avoid

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Are you losing money on your stock investments? Your negative results could be blamed on some awfully common investment mistakes that although very easy to remedy, still manage to swindle a good number of inexperienced investors. Bellow you will find a list of the most common investments mistakes that should be avoided at all costs. […]

Are commodity investments right for you?

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If you have been in the investment game for some time now, you’ll undoubtedly agree that some markets do better than others. Slumps could be influenced by a number of random unpredictable occurrences or motivated as result of generalized market skepticism, which could certainly indicate troubles ahead if you have many risky stock investments. In […]

How to Invest Money in Stocks

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So, you want to invest money in stocks. After taking a quick peek at several vague online resources and reading the morning financial journal, you decide the time has come to make a move. Unfortunately, shortly after, you are abruptly confronted with some unexpected obstacles that threaten your investments. The first rule of investing is […]

Why it’s Important to diversify your investment?

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One of the most important decisions you will have to make when investing money on any financial product, is determine how much of your portfolio will be applied on stocks, money market, bonds or maybe even real estate. The story is constantly the same, if you place all your eggs in one basket the risk […]

Investing Basics – Risk vs. Reward

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The money you have saved over the many years of hard labor corresponds to a safety guard to be used in case of an emergency. That is exactly why for most individuals thinking about investing money on the stock market becomes an excessively emotional endeavor complicating the decision making process when the time comes to […]