Affordable Cell Phones

February 11, 2010 · Posted in Personal Finance 

Everyone seems to have a cell phone today, and if you don’t, others seem to feel there is something lacking in you. The truth is that some people don’t have a cell phone due to things like not so perfect credit, or not enough money to pay for a monthly contract. Believe it or not, there is a way you can still have a cell phone that is affordable.

While not quite as fancy as some of the contract cell phones, the pre-paid, or pay as you go, type of cell phone will still offer you the same advantages of owning a cell phone. These are quite affordable as the phone itself usually sells for around $10. Some of these even come with specials that give you free $10 of talk minutes once you have purchased minutes for the phone. You are in charge of how much these types of phones end up costing you. But if you manage your minutes wisely, you will be able to keep down the cost of owning your very own cell phone.

Pre-paid cell phones are also a great idea for teenagers. As a parent, you can control the amount of time and money spent with these phones. However, your teenagers can enjoy being just like all their friends who have cell phones. They will have their own phone number to give out when asked, and get to feel as important and special as the rest of their friends. It’s also impossible for these phones to run up high bills. The pre-pay option works out well to keep costs manageable. When your teenager is old enough to start making money at a job of some sort, the cost of the minutes can then be passed on to him or her.

Even if you have a land line that you use to conduct 90 percent of your phone business, one of these cell phones can still come in handy. You can’t take the landline with you when you leave home, but you CAN take along a pre-paid cell phone in case of emergencies. All you need to do is make sure that you have some minutes on the phone, and you’re all set.

These cell phones can also work well for older children, who are not yet teenagers, but may be able to use a phone. You will need to monitor this pretty carefully, but they can come in quite handy if the child needs to get in touch with you while they are away at a friend’s. It’s a very small amount of money to spend per month for peace of mind.


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