2013 Halloween Costume Ideas

October 29, 2013 · Posted in Holidays 

We are at that time of year again where the kids will be heading off to Halloween parties, trick or treating or just wanting to dress up as a scary witch or monster. It is easy to go for the simple witch or wizard costume from the supermarket, or even just throw a sheet over your little one and call them a ghost. If you would like to surprise your little monster with something a little more creative and imaginative, why not try something a little different. If you want to use this opportunity to help a charity, check out some of the events that have been organised specifically for Halloween like this one.

Think outside the box

Halloween is not just about dressing up as a ghoul or ghost and roaming the streets looking for some tasty treats, it is about having fun, being creative together and enjoying the holiday theme. Try picking characters from a film or TV show that the kids really like. You don’t have to stop at the costume, you could theme your decorations and even your party games around the chosen theme. This would make a very fun and enjoyable treat for the kids.

Don’t just buy, use creativity to prepare your Halloween costumes!

Part of the fun of this season is being creative. Look for things around the home that you can use to create your costumes. Get the kids involved in this process and allow them to put their own stamp on their costumes. The whole experience will become much more valuable and enjoyable for them. If you are looking for some inspiration for some simple to create costumes, check out this blog post. As you can see from this post, there are many things you can do to make your costumes a little different this year.

Make your games fun and keep them inside the theme

If you have sorted your costumes out and are planning the events for the evening, you will want some Halloween party ideas to spice things up. There are hundreds of games and things to do such as ‘apple bobbing’, ‘pin the tail on the pumpkin’ and ‘hide and screech’. There are many books and articles to read on the subject which could well give you the inspiration you need to make your party go out for with a scream. If you want some great references, take a look at this blog post for some great ideas. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the day!


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